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Why The Montessori Method Stands Apart

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Parents of Bukit Jalil rejoice! The children’s house is extending its welcome to you and your child! Situated in the heart of Bukit Jalil City, the centre’s strategic location is ideal for busy working parents in the vicinity of Bukit Jalil to send their children to a trusted preschool. The children’s house has absolute confidence in providing your child the best early years education. Here are some things you should know about The children’s house: Longest-established Montessori Preschool in Malaysia Yes, you’ve read it right. Enroling your child in TCH means your child is in the most trusted hands of Malaysia’s longest-established Montessori preschool. It all started when Nan Civel, or fondly known as Aunty Nan opened the first TCH preschool in Damansara Heights. Inspired by Dr Maria Montessori, Aunty Nan developed great respect for the unique and magical minds of children. As she delved deeper into Early Childhood Education research to gain greater observation of children’s minds and the Montessori method, The Teacher’s House, a centre that provides in-house training was established where professional and trusted educators are trained to facilitate in the optimal learning and development of children. Co-founder, Nur Jiwawati Anis fell in love in Early Childhood Education and began to involve herself in improving the quality of children’s experience in TCH by injecting creativity-inspiring ideas into the elements of the Montessori method. Educators of TCH highly value teamwork by working together as a family instead of co-workers while sharing the same ethics and respect. The TCH community always puts children first to ensure their development and well-being are taken care of by establishing a harmonious relationship between parents and educators.  Standing Out From Other Preschools Other preschools in Malaysia may have featured the Montessori Method but none are as comprehensive as The children’s house. The children’s house is Malaysia’s first ever preschool to adopt and apply the all-inclusive Montessori Method of education and it has positively impacted the country’s early childhood education landscape. Your child will be immersed in the Montessori Method that is further enhanced by dedicated staff who care deeply for the development of children under their care. The co-founder is personally involved in uplifting the quality of children’s learning experience. Nur Jiwawati Anis has been researching and applying new ways to make each class more exciting and informative for the children. Rest-assured that you child is attending a preschool recognised for its evergreen high-quality Montessori education throughout the country.
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Benefits of the Montessori Method The children’s house believes in the Montessori Method and the benefits that it would bring to children in the long term. TCH has all the didactic materials needed to support the 5 core values in the Montessori Method: Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Number Work and Culture. In Practical Life, children are engaged in home-like activities that require them to utilise common materials like trays, jugs, bowls, spoons, ladles, tongs and dressing frames. These allow children to imitate common physical tasks such as carrying, scooping and transferring, enabling them to develop greater focus at tasks, movement coordination, sense of order as well as independence.
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Sensorial materials help a child make sense of the environment. Materials are made to be multisensory, sequential and self-correcting to refine the child’s senses. Using Montessori-based language materials, children are able to gain better control of the writing instrument to easily form the letters of the alphabets using stereognostic sense in which a child feels an object and recognises it based on the feeling. Number Work materials effectively help children master complex concepts like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division including zero, odd and even numbers. Culture activities ensure children have a better understanding of the world. There are also activities in the school that involve nature walks and talks, helping children develop an appreciation towards nature and life forms.
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This method makes a child happier as learning is done in a rich and fun-filled environment that motivates children to enjoy learning. Here in TCH, children are given the freedom to choose their own materials and work, whereas teachers are only facilitators who guide children when necessary. This method allows children to explore their interests in various fields, giving them time and space to learn and develop skills on their own.  Montessori Method Around the World There are Montessori schools around the world like the Cambridge Montessori School (USA), Toronto Montessori Schools (Canada), Perth Montessori School (Australia), Seisen International School (Japan) and Oxford Montessori Schools (England). This shows that the Montessori Method is globally recognised and practised as an effective teaching method for crucial stages of life. TCH is proud to utilise the method in the most fundamental stage of life – preschool. The Montessori method nurtures children to be well-rounded individuals who are confident, responsible as well as well-mannered and intelligent, which explains why it has a large presence in Malaysia as well as Singapore. Visit Us at Our Grand Opening! All parents want the best for their children, and TCH is ready to provide the best form of education that will shape children into well-rounded individuals ready to be leaders of tomorrow. Witness for yourself the enriching early years education TCH can offer at its Grand Opening on 20th April (Saturday) of its latest preschool at Bukit Jalil City from 10am to 2pm. Bring your little ones along and let them experience the Montessori education through fun-filled activities. It’s going to be awesome!
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