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Shishir Dixit Sir | Biography | Centurion Defence Academy

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Shishir Dixit Sir, the founder of Centurion Defence Academy, is a magnetic personality who has inspired and empowered numerous defense aspirants to unlock their full potential. With over 10+ years of experience, he has guided students to successful careers as officers in the defense sector. His stories of student selections and achievements are a testament to his unwavering belief in the power of perseverance and self-confidence.

Let us know more details about Mr. Shishir Dixit


Shishir Dixit’s biography showcases his multifaceted persona. He is a prolific writer, renowned columnist, motivational speaker, educator, and air veteran. Born in Raebareli District, Uttar Pradesh in 1990, he has dedicated his life to inspiring others through his establishment of Centurion Education Private Ltd, widely known as Centurion Defence Academy. His commitment to empowering individuals has earned him prestigious awards such as The Real Heroes Award, Pradesh Ke Stambh Award, and Red Achievers Award. Shishir Dixit continues to inspire through his writing, speaking engagements, and philanthropic endeavors.

His Personal Life and Education


In his personal life, Shishir values quality time with his family and friends. He cherishes moments spent with his wife, Mrs. Gurkirat Kaur, and their son, Shashank Shekhar Dixit. Apart from family, he enjoys reading books, improving his physical fitness, and engaging in social work. Students hold Shishir Dixit Sir in high regard, considering him a ‘Rockstar’ Interviewer for his personalized guidance and constant availability

Shishir Dixit Sir As an Educator


Educationally, Shishir Dixit holds a B.A L.L.B from Dibrugarh University, where he excelled in law. His interest in psychology led him to pursue an M.Phil in Psychology from IGNOU, and he is currently working towards a Ph.D. Degree in Psychology (R.C.S. Approved), conducting research in the field.

As an educator, Shishir founded Centurion Education Private Limited, a premier institute that trains students for defense exams. The academy is renowned for its comprehensive and personalized approach to learning, helping aspiring students across India achieve their dreams of serving as officers in the defense forces. Under Shishir’s leadership, Centurion Education has become a leading institution in defense exam preparation, offering various courses and programs to cater to diverse student backgrounds. His flagship scholarship scheme has supported students from all walks of life.

Shishir As a Psychology Expert


Shishir Dixit’s expertise in psychology has been invaluable to students preparing for psychology tests in the SSB Interview. Through his extensive experience working with students and conducting mock interviews, he has developed a profound understanding of human behavior and personality traits. His ability to identify key traits and help students recognize their strengths and weaknesses has earned him great respect.

Psychology Session:

Mock Interview: 

Shishir Sir As a Motivational Speaker

As a highly sought-after motivational speaker, Shishir Dixit Sir has inspired countless individuals to reach their full potential. His engaging lectures at events and platforms like Josh Talks have resonated with audiences, motivating them to overcome challenges and strive for success. Shishir’s commitment to motivating students extends to social media, where he actively engages with students, responding to their queries and offering guidance.

In addition to his educational contributions, Shishir Dixit is a prolific writer and columnist. His articles in leading newspapers such as The Hindu, The Indian Express, Hindustan Times, Amar Ujala, and Dainik Jagran have raised awareness about defense exams, education, and career development. Through his writing, he has provided practical advice and guidance to students, helping them navigate the path to success.


Shishir Sir’s Fame and Popularity

Shishir Dixit’s fame and popularity stem from his role in running Centurion Education Private Limited, known for its high success rate in defense exams. The academy is regarded as one of the best in the country for defense exam preparation. Shishir’s social work has positively impacted thousands of defense aspirants from diverse socio-economic and marginalized backgrounds, further solidifying his reputation. Shishir Dixit Sir’s dynamic personality, expertise, and unwavering commitment to empowering defense aspirants have made him a highly respected figure in the field. His contributions have touched the lives of countless individuals, paving the way for their success in the defense sector.

Shishir Sir at Josh Talks: 


Shishir Dixit Sir, Education, Age, Wife, and Popularity


Full Name Shishir Rameshwar Dixit
Profession Educator, Psychology Expert, Writer, and Motivational Speaker
Age 33 Years
Date of Birth 12-05-1990
Religion Hindu
Caste Brahmin
Mother Tongue Hindi
Residence Lucknow
Father Dinesh Kumar Dixit
Mother Sharda Dixit
Wife Mrs. Gurkirat Kaur
Children Shashank Shekhar Dixit
Alma Mater     Lucknow University
  Dibrugarh, Universit IGNOU
Education     B.A. L.L.B. from Dibrugarh University

    M. Phil in Psychology from IGNOU

Pursuing Ph.D. in Psychology (R.C.I. Approved)

Interests Basketball, Defence and Security Issues, Geopolitics, and International Relations
Known For Giving the highest selections in all defence exams, Social Work and
Trending For Establishing and Leading One of India’s most successful defence education center, Delivering the Highest Selections in all Defence Exams in Officer Cadre, Motivational Speaker
Hobbies Reading, Cricket, Physical Fitness


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Call: +91-9795977776

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