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Introduction To The Crypto Staking Service Of Revolut

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Revolut, which is a fintech firm, offers a range of virtual banking solutions, including trading and investing in cryptocurrencies. Revolut allows users to purchase and trade a number of well-known cryptos from within its app. Bitcoin and some altcoins are available for trading on this platform. 

Users may trade fiat money for cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrencies for fiat using Revolut’s digital currency service, which offers immediate exchange rates. With its application, people can further create price alerts, automatically place orders, and monitor their cryptocurrency investments. Revolut has introduced crypto staking service. Let us analyze this service below. 

The Crypto Staking Service Of Revolut

As per an email notification, the virtual banking provider Revolut began providing cryptocurrency staking to clients in EEA and UK. Revolut launched the service in February. The company has over 25 million members globally, the bulk of which are from the aforementioned areas. Popular cryptocurrencies are included for crypto staking here. 

Revolut company first offered to stake with popular virtual assets like Ethereum, Polkadot, Cardano, etc. Although they are fluctuating, returns on the assets could rise up to 11.65%. These details were provided in the same mail. With cryptocurrency staking, owners of specific assets donate their tokens to contribute to the operation.

Because Ethereum, the biggest blockchain enabling decentralized finance (DeFi), switched to the staking paradigm in the past few weeks, staking has gained renewed significance in the cryptocurrency sector. Crypto staking systems use a lot less energy, tend to be less expensive to run, and are additionally flexible than mining systems. 

Since 2017, this company has been delivering cryptocurrency services, progressively expanding its selection. In 2021, Revolut began enabling users to move their funds to platforms and wallets outside of the bank, moving away from just offering crypto selling and purchasing. You can easily withdraw crypto from Revolut

Keeping a specific quantity of virtual assets in an account for a predetermined time period is known as “staking,” and during that time, the digital asset is utilized to verify the operations across the blockchain network. Numerous cryptocurrencies are presently supported by Revolut for staking.

New coins are getting added. The staking payouts vary between 1 to 6 percent annually, based on the virtual asset and the duration of the staking term. Participants need to first buy the required virtual asset and then move it to the Revolut digital wallet in order to engage in crypto staking.

Revolut Crypto Staking: Easy, Convenient, And Accessible To All Investors

Through Revolut’s crypto staking capability, customers may take advantage of staking without having to run complicated software or operate individual staking nodes. Incentives are sent straight to the user’s consideration, and Revolut manages the staking procedure on their behalf. The simplicity and comfort of utilizing Revolut represent a single advantage. 

Without using an individual exchange, people can quickly buy and stake virtual assets using Revolut. The reduced staking amount remains another advantage of using Revolut for staking. Because participants can stake a very low amount of cryptocurrencies, a larger spectrum of investors can participate in staking.


Revolut offers a service of staking cryptocurrencies that enables customers to get interested in their crypto investments. A few things need to be considered before signing up for the crypto staking service, even if it may be a simple method to make income on your cryptocurrency. You need to be aware of the costs.

How to withdraw crypto from Revolut after staking? There are guidelines given on the platform. Revolut has a viable alternative for people wishing to monetize their crypto assets in the long term. It’s crucial to be aware that using Revolut for withdrawals of cryptocurrencies can incur costs. 

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