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How To Navigate Land Surveying Challenges with Neighbors?

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Many individuals have the notion that a fence marks the property’s boundaries. Such misunderstandings can cause a range of disagreements between neighbours, which frequently end in lawsuits.

Land boundaries should undoubtedly be maintained. Boundaries are, unfortunately, frequently breached. There are instances when you’ll find that a neighbour has their property on your side of the boundary, whether intentionally or accidentally. In this article, we discuss effective measures to deal with such instances.

What is a Boundary Line?
The defined borders or limitations of a plot of land or property are referred to as a boundary, often known as property lines or boundary lines. Typically, these boundaries are drawn in accordance with regulations imposed by the county or local government.

They serve as a guide for property owners in deciding where they can put buildings or other possessions while also managing their legal obligations and dangers.

But, how exactly are boundary lines established though? Well, land surveys are carried out to acquire a precise and unambiguous outline of property ownership based on boundaries. This survey can be requested by property owners who intend to sell their house or even by buyers who want to know how much land they will buy when they buy it.

Bottom line- all boundary issues can be avoided by getting your land surveyed before buying or selling it to know exactly which part is yours and which isn’t.

Effective Measures to Deal With It

Hire a land surveying firm
One of the first and most crucial tasks when planning to buy or build a new home is to have a land survey carried out. Always request a copy of the buyer’s most recent Real Property Report that includes a boundary map. If you don’t do this, you can run into a lot of problems in the future with your new house.

To deal with a boundary issue, you would need a land survey report as proof with you. If you don’t have one with you, it is best to get your land surveyed and know for sure that there is an encroachment by your neighbour before taking any action.

You can reach out to Core Geomatics if you are looking for land surveying in Okanagan Valley. They are a well-reputed survey company with over a decade of experience in their hands. You can rest assured of high-quality service for a reasonable cost, as they employ industry-leading technologies and innovative practices to ensure customer satisfaction.

Discuss the issue.
The first thing to do in a land dispute is to talk to your neighbour and let them know how you feel. You must have the results of your land survey in hand so that you may support your claims with evidence.

Say, they have a tree that fence that encroaches upon your boundary line, let them know about the same. You should not skip this step as there might be a possibility that the encroachment is unintentional.

Hire a lawyer
A real estate lawyer can advise you on what to say and what not to say if you are unsure of what to talk about with your neighbour or if discussing the issue with your neighbour doesn’t give any fruitful results.

Have them review your survey before providing you with all available legal choices. If you still feel uncomfortable, seek the help of a mediation agency, if one is offered in your area.

Work together to maintain shared fences
If you are somewhat of a pacifist, this method is for you! When a fence is correctly installed on the property line between you and your neighbour, both parties are accountable for maintaining the fence. These obligations include upkeep and financing repairs. Without both parties consent, the fence cannot be removed.

And get this, this way, you won’t have any bad blood with your neighbour!

Get the authorities involved
In the most aggressive situations, you can have a neighbour who vehemently objects to the property lines shown on the land survey. In this unusual instance, don’t try to solve the problem on your own. Call the police for a speedy and secure solution instead.

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