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How to hang curtains and curtains on one curtain rod?

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Curtains and curtains are almost a mandatory element of window decoration. Selected adequately in size and style and then pinned up interestingly, they significantly improve the appearance of the entire interior arrangement. There are many ways to hang these decorative fabrics, which should match the type of material or the room’s proportions. One of them is the use of a single-tube curtain rod. How to hang a curtain and curtain on one curtain rod?

How do you hang the curtain and the net curtain on one curtain rail?

If you want to hang a curtain and a curtain on one curtain rod, it is best to choose a double model – composed of two separate tubes. If fixing fabrics on separate guides is not considered, buying a single curtain rod with a double bracket and leaving the rear bracket empty is worth it. This will allow you to easily buy another pipe when it is necessary to hang fabrics on separate rails.

If the decision to use a curtain rod with one rod has already been made, purchasing an optimally selected model and correctly matching window textiles is necessary. In such a situation, you should pay a lot of attention to the choice of the curtain rod itself. It should be long enough to accommodate both curtains and blinds easily. At the same time, it cannot be too large to not look disproportionate in the room.

A single rail will be suitable when only curtains or net curtains are planned. However, there are ways to hang both fabrics simultaneously on one curtain rod. Is it a good solution, and how to implement it?

Curtain and curtain on one rod – is it a good idea?

A curtain and curtain on one curtain rod (with a single rail) is a proposal associated with quite limited arrangement possibilities. Most often, it will be appropriate when window textiles only have a decorative function, and covering the window with curtains every evening is not planned. In such a situation, opting for highly creased fabrics that only need a little space on the guide is best. However, if the curtains are to decorate the apartment and the velvet curtains – additionally protect against the eyes of passers-by and neighbours in the evening – it will be advisable to use a double curtain rod.

Sometimes the need to hang curtains and curtains on one rod may be dictated by the individual structural conditions of the interior, such as minimal space. This solution will work best in apartments with corner windows, where the curtain rods are attached in parallel. Curtains placed at the corners will emphasize the unusual appearance of such a decoration, looking natural. How to hang curtains and curtains on one curtain rod with a single track?

How to hang a curtain and curtain on a single curtain rod?

If it is impossible to hang the curtain and people who are blind on separate rails, it will be necessary to use a composition adapted to be fastened on one rod. Although it will not be practical, it can look as aesthetically pleasing as a decoration on a double curtain rod. How to hang a curtain and curtain on a single curtain rod?

First, it is necessary to choose the optimal fastening method. If the ability to move fabrics is required, opting for textiles with grommets or frogs is best. If the materials are to remain stationary, you can purchase curtains or curtains with shirring tape or tunnel stitching.

When hanging curtains and curtains on one curtain rod with frogs, the number of frogs should first be adjusted to the width of the fabrics. After attaching the blinds:

  • Hang the curtain on the remaining clips.
  • Spread the curtains evenly.
  • If necessary, fasten them.

By fastening curtains and curtains on one curtain rail with clips, you can interestingly hide the connection between two different fabrics. In this case, pin the curtain one frog farther than the curtain’s end. It is also worth tucking the side of the curtain fastened with the last frog, which will improve the overall aesthetics of the composition when people who are blind open it.

How to hang a curtain and a curtain on one-rod step by step if you have chosen textiles with a tunnel, grommets, braces or gathering tape? First, put the blackout curtain on the pipe, then the curtain and the second part of the curtain. After reattaching the curtain rod in its place, the curtains should be moved to the sides, ensuring their symmetrical arrangement. Between them, the curtain should be harmoniously wrinkled.

A curtain and a curtain on one curtain rod is a solution sometimes forced by individual conditions in the interior and often chosen under the influence of the individual preferences of the apartment owners. Although it requires more fantasy and cleverness during pinning, it can be as enjoyable as hanging blackout curtains and blinds on double guides. It is worth taking care of the proper selection of the curtain rod, the type of fabrics and their attachment method to achieve the optimal result. Proper matching of all these elements will allow you to create an aesthetic window composition on a single rail, becoming an elegant room decoration.

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