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What are the 4 Ways to Achieve Coherence in Essay Writing?

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For college and university students nothing is as upsetting and dreadful as assignment writing. The students who know the importance of assignments never ignore them and try their utmost to do them independently. But in most cases, a shortage of time comes their way and they have to look for professional help. Some students try to do their assignments on their own but they fail to impress the supervisors as one important thing that lacks in their assignments is coherence. To help the students write perfect assignments here is a guideline that may prove helpful.

Definition of Coherence

Coherence is the quality of content that keeps the reader connected to the content right from the first word to the last without losing connection with the basic topic being discussed.

  1. Observing Unity is useful

One way to achieve consistency is to maintain consistency. This is an important quality of effective paragraphs. A coherent paragraph is on-topic from start to finish, with each sentence contributing to that paragraph’s central purpose and idea. To be effective, each paragraph should contain a main idea, called a topic sentence. Topic sentences act like statements in a thesis, giving direction to your paragraphs. For example, English is the language of international youth culture. Young people all over the world sing songs sung by a number of American and British singers without fully understanding the lyrics. Breakdancing and rap music are conquering West German youth slang. So every sentence in the example explains the main idea.

  1. Use of Pronouns

Another strategy for keeping your essay writing smooth and consistent is to use pronouns and idioms. To achieve consistency in essay writing, use pronouns and idioms to avoid repeating the same nouns and sharp words. Additionally, pronouns encourage readers to read without getting bored. For example, batteries are not biodegradable and should not be disposed of with normal household waste. Therefore, pronouns are usually mentioned last. Transition expressions are also useful for linking one paragraph to another. These expressions act like hooks that link one paragraph to another in guiding the reader through the paragraphs. Without these linking elements, an essay can look like a loose chain of independent thoughts or information.

  1. Use of Supporting Details

Supporting details create consistency in essay writing. These are a series of supporting sentences that follow the theme sentence and develop the main idea with specific details. Facts alone aren’t funny or dramatic unless the author connects them to the general description and makes the details feel important. It will be as follows. “Population in suburban areas proceeded at a rapid and alarming rate. The number of new single-family homes was all types: broccoli, spinach, dairy farms, apple orchards, avocados, orange and garbage dumps, and hillside scrubland. The terrain was increased by developer magic from 114,000 homes in 1944 to 1.7 million homes in 1950. Plains Desert – Roads to subdivisions were made. Between 1945 and 1954, nine million people moved to the suburbs. And millions more are following….” So the supporting information can be facts, statistics, quotes from experts, or your own observations and experiences.

  1. Consistency is a Very Important Strategy for Writing a Cohesive Essay.

This can be achieved by mentioning the order in which things should be treated. For example, key points should be explained and mentioned in the order presented without changing or deviating from the concepts being explained. If the author is tired, he or she may be able to explain one point well, but fail to explain another point, resulting in incoherent writing.

In summary, a good and coherent essay should not deviate from the general essay structure of the introduction, body, and conclusion. If at any point in time, you feel that your essay lacks coherence you can hire a cheap essay writing service in UAE to add it to your essay. For a consistently written essay, you should also pay attention to the correct order and punctuation from the introduction to the end. If all strategies are applied accordingly, readers of a particular essay will not be confused or bored, they will just enjoy and be more interested in reading such essays.

Commonly Used Transitional Words and Phrases to Develop Coherence in a Content

  • Adding Ideas: also, again, and as well as, and then, besides, equally important, finally, first (second, third, etc.), for one thing, further in addition, furthermore last, likewise, more, moreover, in the first place, next, nor, similarly, too.
  • Emphasizing Ideas: above all, after all, equally important, especially, indeed, in fact, in particular, it is true, most important, of course, true.
  • Illustrating Ideas: for example, an illustration of, for instance, in particular, in other words, specifically, namely, such as, thus, that is, to illustrate.



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