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3 Books You Need to Meet Your Health Goals This Year

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Maybe you crave new releases in fiction, or you like the subtle precision of fast-paced non-fiction. Whatever might be your choice, reading can only be beneficial as long as we keep reading, but we are doomed once we move away from it. Although it sounds alarming, that’s where we have arrived, we barely read these days. All we do is whenever something is put on the media, we sit and consume them like Doritos. We do not even crosscheck whether the information we are consuming is accurate. However, if it is about health, then things become more risky.

Sometimes it is difficult for us to consult doctors for minor problems. In such cases, we resort to our grandmas and neighbors for remedies. That might serve us for some time, but there’s quite nothing like picking up a good health book. There are many health and fitness books available in the market that can help you get closer to your objectives. While your goals can vary, the impetus to continue can become challenging. Say, if you want to start afresh and want to revamp your lackluster lifestyle, then opt for the best books on healthy lifestyles. These books come with strategies and routines that you can integrate into your daily life. Similarly, if nutrition is your prime concern, consider reading books on healthy eating that offers meal plan and dietary changes for specific purposes.

These Three books have you covered from Tip to Toe

Most of us are novices when it comes to maintaining a healthy life. That’s because we are more inclined to what we have been fed since childhood, but as we grow up our body and psyche undergo a rapid transformation. Hormones fluctuate, problems arise, and health issues pop up. Has this been your case? If it is, then you can start reading good books on health and lifestyles.

Now there is a galaxy of health books out there, and making a choice can become overwhelming. However, Oftentimes, we look out for books that talk exactly about the point that concerns us, but they are rare. This is why reading the best books on healthy lifestyles is important. They can shorten the knowledge gap and can provide valuable secrets that can possibly make a positive difference in our life.

  • For Sleep
Why we sleep by Matthew Walker

In this book, preeminent neuroscientist and sleep expert Matthew Walker talks about the neurological aspects of sleep and how it can affect our physical and mental health. As with that, he invokes his decades of research and explores the magical effects of maintaining a sleep schedule. Walker also emphasizes that by harnessing our sleep we can reduce anxiety, regulate hormones, improve learning, mood, and energy levels, and also prevent life-long conditions like cancer and Alzheimer’s. Besides, he also provides step-by-step methods for inculcating a proper sleeping regimen in our daily life.

For all its mighty reviews, this book is a perfect read for someone who has been having problems with sleeping. Not having a good night’s shut-eye can lead you astray. It can impact your health and cause disruption to your nervous system, which is where Walker’s Why We Sleep comes to aid. Among the best books on healthy lifestyles, Why We Sleep is imperative to the process of one’s well-being.

  • For Gut Health
The Mind-Gut Connection by Emeran Mayer

Think about the last time you fretted because you missed a question in the exam, or when you lost your car’s keys. Even situations such as getting a wobbly feeling before meeting someone are rooted deeply in our gut. Emeran Mayer’s The Mind-Gut Connection combines extensive neuroscience and human behavior to provide a compelling read on the complex relationship of mind and gut in our body. In this book, Mayer talks about the inexplicable mechanisms that link up our mind, gut, and microbiome. Everything from our decisions, bodily sensations, and even our gut feelings are the direct result of the primitive communications that happen between these three agents. Mayer looks through this mechanism and drives home the point that a fulfilling and healthy life is built only when we learn to control all three aspects of our body, the mind, gut, and the body.

This book can help you learn about the complex mechanism of the mind and the gut and will provide easy, digestible methods to conquer this mind-gut bond and enhance your health by margins.

  • For a Healthy Diet
In Defense of Food – An Eater’s Manifesto by Michael Pollan

Have you been itching about what to eat to lose weight quickly? Or perhaps what meal plan you should follow to keep your diabetes under control? These questions have agonized patients and individuals for years. However, that would not be the case anymore as Michael Pollan’s new book In Defense Of Food provides definitive answers in this enchanting read. He challenges the nutrient-by-nutrient approach and proposes an alternative that is rooted in the traditions and the ecology of the old times. In this book, Pollan shows us how we can escape the daunting diets of Western foods and carve healthy choices to moderate our appetites and bring back the natural rhythm of metabolism.

Key Takeaways

The act of reading has long been acknowledged as a therapeutic remedy for our restless mind. In fact, it dates back to the days of the Egyptian and Greek empires where it was used to treat mental patients. Books present us with an abundance of worlds and escapes, but they also allow us to recharge, focus and reframe our worldview. For novel readers, every new release of fiction titles means the world to them. Studies have shown that people who engage in reading fiction have higher levels of empathy compared to others.  Whereas non-fiction readers, rather enjoy the informative and practical advice of the experts.

Either way, reading has proved to be an effective medicine for as long as we know about languages. So, instead of buying that next video game, consider a wise investment and spend that money on books. Investing in the best books on healthy lifestyles will not betray you, unlike a video game. In fact, it is the only one-time investment that can save your health and help you become that person you have always aspired for.

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